Monday, November 30, 2009

The Teardown Continues......

Wowza! They really tore a lot down today, even though it was cold and rainy. I forgot my camera so a lot of these pictures were taken with my iPhone, and they are a little on the dark side.

This is Ms. O'Rourke's 5th grade room back on November 18th.

This is Ms. O'Rourke's room now, or at least what is left of it..

The stairs are leading up to what's left of Ms Rengel's and Ms. Brand's rooms.

The rubble is removed and then added to the growing pile....

Ms. Henry's 5th grade room back on November 18th....

And now!

Before: Ms. Fluitt/Ms. Heller rooms with the PE/music rooms at the end of the sidewalk.

After: just the PE/music rooms! Where did the Fluitt/Heller rooms go??

Add ImageThere they are, sitting in the East Field, waiting to be hauled off!


And after!

The East Field 4 days ago...

And now!

I took this video of them moving all the scrap metal around. I thought I shut the video off near the end but it was still going, so my apologies for my hand covering it up at the end!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

OK, so being the freak I am, I wanted to see if anything had been done since school let out for Thanksgiving Break. Imagine my surprise to find the school wide open! I got to see the progress made....the science lab is in sadder shape than ever. While I always ragged on how gross it is/was, it looks downright pitiful now. And the bathrooms next door to the lab....they were the bane of my existence when we were there, I was always having to chase gangs of kids out of there! Well, no kids will be going in there ever again!

The East Field, back in May.

The East Field now.

Getting ready to move the Heller/Fluitt temp building!

So that's how they move these monsters....

The breezeway by Mind Masters back in May....

....and now!

The science lab back in May....

...and another view from May....

...and now!

The ramp leading up to the science lab before....

....and after! :(

Squished plants.

The restrooms next to the lab.



Monday, November 23, 2009

Is the Progress Slowing Down Already?

Uh oh!
Nothing new has happened since Thursday, and the weather has been great. Maybe it's because it is almost Thanksgiving?
These pics were taken on Sunday. Terri and I were just checking everything out.

Terri on the Stairway to Nowhere.

The once-proud art room. :(

Everything looks so weird without the sidewalk coverings....and stairs....and ramps....and metal building skirts...

This used to lead to the art room. I could tell because it's covered with paint spatters!

Ivy still clinging on for dear life!