Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Mystery Crates!

I posted new pictures two days ago, including a few of some crates. I didn't know what they were for, so I asked my architect father-in-law to help me find out. He passed these pictures around and here are the responses. You decide which one you think is the true purpose of the crates!

under paving/building slab site water detention system - mary le

they put the bad kids in them - grant

Egg crates. The school is in need of money to pay for their new school so they are starting a chicken farm in the play ground! - sam williamson

Below grade storm retention system. jim mcmillen

Monday, December 21, 2009

Slow but Steady....

We have had such yucky, rainy weather. I am really amazed that anything has been happening at all.

There has been some progress since my last venture back into the site...the art room is gone, the bathroom building is sitting in the field waiting to be hauled off, the science lab has been jacked up, ready to be the next building to be taken away and the field continues to be scraped free of all the grass.

I cannot believe the science lab is not being demolished like O'Rourke and Rengel's were. It is in such bad shape. I pity the school that gets it, although it did have amazing storage space!

I have no idea what all these crates are for, but I plan on finding out!

Before...the bathrooms and art room with the 2 willow trees in the background.

Now, just the willow trees. Hopefully they will be spared. There used to be a giant rose bush back there too. It , apparently, was not so lucky.

The science lab, getting ready to go make another school very happy! :)

The bathrooms, also waiting to go make another school very happy. I am not sorry to see them leave!

Piles of mud and grass.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Come sleet, rain or snow....

Last Friday our school was covered with a beautiful blanket of snow. I decided to see how our construction area looked, and even snow couldn't help that big, muddy mess!

I went back again today. Both the music/PE and Ms. Henry's temp buildings were loaded up on their wheels and getting ready to be hauled off. The science lab and Mind Masters were still in their original places....but probably not for long!

Is that Frosty the Snowman visiting??

Where the Heller/Fluitt and music/PE rooms used to proudly stand.

Bye-bye music/PE temp!

Now you see Ms. Henry's room back in November....

...and now you don't!

There it is, waiting to be hauled away.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some Befores and Afters

It's been raining a lot so they haven't been able to do a whole bunch at the site. They did get the giant pile of rubble cleared and they are starting to prep the East Field for construction, i.e. scrape it free of grass. Here are some before and after shots....

Before, with piles of rubble.

After, all clean!

Before, in May

After, how it looked today.

Before, in May

After, how it looked today.

The East Field, back in May

After, how it looked today




After! They're scraping the field of all the grass.