Thursday, February 24, 2011

See ya, Herod cafeteria!

Now the real demo begins...the cafeteria was the first to fall, then the workroom/media center/front office.

Before, the once proud home to happy Herod jets eating their lunches and performing in programs!

The side of the cafeteria from the old west parking lot.

Before and after!

Click on this to see the bigger pictures.

Poor cafeteria!

The breezeway by the workroom.

Before and after.

The sad water fountains. :(

Follow the hallway rules! :)

All gone!

I took this standing on the blacktop facing the school.

Don't forget to sign in at the front office...wait, where is the front office??

Before and after.

With Marla by the old stage.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kind of Sad...Bye Bye Old Herod

I have been told the old building will be torn down this week, and the demolition has begun. On Friday, workers were breaking out all the windows and frames. Standing in one of the kindergarten rooms, I could see straight through all the way to Jason Street. The hallways were littered with broken glass and trash, but what made it super-eerie were all the artifacts from the classrooms still hanging on the walls: welcome posters, old word walls, Tribes agreements, etc. It reminded me of a war zone. I felt sad, but then I remembered all the times the A/C unit leaked all over my belongings and then I didn't feel so sad anymore!

All of the windows and window frames are being torn out.

Pictures still on walls...

Forgotten Tribes agreements...

Twisted metal from the window frames.

Broken glass all over the floor.

Strange skull?

Looking through to Jason Street.

Sad Pothos Ivy in the ground :(

Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our school is.....wowza!!!

My apologies for taking so long to post new pictures. I had actually taken some a couple of months ago and never got around to uploading them. I have tried to include a few of them in this post so you can really see the progress.

What a difference 4 months makes...the walls are up, the windows are installed, brick is going in, it looks great! I wish my pictures could really show the size of all these rooms; they're huge!! My new friend Dave took me on a special tour this past Saturday morning so I got a good look around. Right now all the rooms are purple, but you'll get the idea.

Click on each picture to get a better close-up view.

The picture of old Herod on the left is from May 2009, the one on the right is from yesterday, September 25, 2010.

Same as the previous picture...the left one from May 2009, the right one from yesterday.

The picture on the left is from November 2009, the one on the guessed it, yesterday!

The left picture is a view of the East Field (as seen from the fence bordering Reeves Park) back in May 2009. The right picture, well you should now know when that was taken!

Could this possibly be an air conditioning unit that isn't pre-programmed to break down in August, September and May??

This is our cafeteria/multipurpose room (for programs, enrichment classes, etc.)

There will be a sliding divider so the multipurpose room can be shut off from the cafeteria. That long thing in the ceiling will hold the divider.

The multipurpose room, seen through one of the many circular porthole-style windows.

This is the library, back on May 23, 2010.

Here is the library now; you can see the curved wall.

Think of all the books that will fit in here!

The library has some great skylights!

My new friend Dave is walking from the library into the computer room.

The new computer room!

The administration hallway....offices on the right.

Dave called this, "the new party room," a.k.a. the teacher's lounge! He even said we are supposed to be getting a flat screen TV in there. Now if we could just get a margarita machine....

View from one of the office windows. I think this is from the principal's office.

The staircase, in May 2010 and now.

This is going to be our Herod trophy case!

OK, this was strange...Dave told me that this chimney/elevator shaft structure is going to be the school store. He said that some of the guys on the construction site call it the kiddie prison, LOL!

The Kiddie Prison

The new art room.

One of the student bathrooms...the sinks open up to the outside and the stalls are behind the gray wall.

Science lab #1....I'm swooning!

The ginormous closet that connects the 2 science labs.

Science lab #2. You can see a door to the outside in the picture on the left. All the classrooms have sloping ceilings, higher at the windows, then sloping downwards. The idea is to capture and direct natural light through the room. You can see the slope in the picture on the right.

The view standing by the science labs, looking down the hallway. The picture on the left is from May 2010, on the right is how it looks now.

The skylight that looks down from the second floor. Before on the left in May 2010, and now.

One of the non-specialist classrooms. They have awesome floor to ceiling windows!

Another regular can really see the sloping ceiling.

The end of the building (see the playground on the other side of the fence?) There will be wooden decking all under the second floor under-hang.

Going up the stairs to the second floor. This is where all the upper grades will be.

Looking down the second story hallway. Before on the left in May 2010, and now. You can see the top of the Kiddie Prison in the picture on the right.

The next four pictures show various views from second story classrooms.

Herod looks so small....and flat.

View of the administration offices.

View of Reeves Park. Did I mention how awesome the floor-to-ceiling windows are??

Looking down the staircase, back in May 2010 and now.