Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kind of Sad...Bye Bye Old Herod

I have been told the old building will be torn down this week, and the demolition has begun. On Friday, workers were breaking out all the windows and frames. Standing in one of the kindergarten rooms, I could see straight through all the way to Jason Street. The hallways were littered with broken glass and trash, but what made it super-eerie were all the artifacts from the classrooms still hanging on the walls: welcome posters, old word walls, Tribes agreements, etc. It reminded me of a war zone. I felt sad, but then I remembered all the times the A/C unit leaked all over my belongings and then I didn't feel so sad anymore!

All of the windows and window frames are being torn out.

Pictures still on walls...

Forgotten Tribes agreements...

Twisted metal from the window frames.

Broken glass all over the floor.

Strange skull?

Looking through to Jason Street.

Sad Pothos Ivy in the ground :(

Stay tuned for more!

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