Thursday, February 18, 2010

Busy Busy!

Has it really been almost a month since my last posting? Wow! A lot has been going on....those water retention crates are in the ground and filled in with the rocks with drains being put in....concrete is being poured....busy busy!

The saddest development for me is the erection of a giant wooden fence that goes from the edge of the old parking lot all the way around the corner, up to the playground. I no longer can sneak in through that gap in the chain link fence. Boo hoo! I now have to walk around to the old parking lot entrance. Oh well.

Enjoy some before and now pics, along with some videos of the crazy concrete machine.

Before...the old parking lot that had the chain link fence, through which I could inconspicuously sneak in to the site to get my pictures.

Now, access denied!!

Before, the old Mind Masters room and the original building.

Now, access denied!!

Picture 1: This is the view from back in August 2009. Watch the trash can and light pole for perspective.

Picture 2: January

Picture 3: Now, February!

Here are the water retention crates being laid down a month ago....

Now, they're covered up and filled in with rocks.

Before, a month ago...

Now, all filled up with crates and rocks!

Is that a drain I see? Is this the beginning of the end of Lake Herod every time there's barely a drizzle of rain?

Before, in August 2009...

And now!

Before, in November 2009...

The same view now!

Picture 1: back in May 2009...

Picture 2: in January, a month ago.

Picture 3: And now!

They have cut some holes in the fence over by the playground so the kids (and teachers!) can see!

This is the view from the playground blacktop back in September, right when they moved the big kid's playground.

This is what it looks like now, looking through one of the holes in the fence!

This is the view from the top of the rock wall on the playground. The red contraption pours cement!

Here are a couple of videos of the crazy cement machine pouring the cement. I was joined on top of the rock wall by a bunch of kids!